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Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle specializes in treating Morton's neuroma patients in Millsboro & Seaford, DE. Since 2000, our physicians have been serving Southern Delaware with comprehensive care. The doctors on our team strive to listen well and exceed your expectations.

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What Is Morton's Neuroma?


Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot. It mainly develops between the third and fourth toes. This condition occurs when the tissue thickens around one of the nerves leading to your toes. The thickening creates inflammation around the nerve, leading to discomfort and swelling.  This inflammation can cause the nerve to become enlarged.


What Are the Causes of Morton's Neuroma?


This condition forms out of a response to irritation, pressure, or injury to the nerves in your foot. Our feet are delicate and hold all the weight of our bodies. At Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle, we want to treat your condition and educate you on the cause and risk factors, which may include: 

  • Certain Sports – High-impact sports or activities such as running or jogging place repetitive trauma on the feet. Snow skiing and rock climbing also can impact the toes depending on the type of shoes worn.
  • Foot Deformities – People who regularly have flat feet, high arches, bunions, or hammertoes are more prone to Morton's neuroma. If you are born with a congenital foot condition, this could also put you at risk.
  •  Specific Shoes – Wearing tight-fitting shoes or high heels can create extra pressure on your toes and the ball of your foot.


What Symptoms Should I Know About With Morton's Neuroma?


There are no obvious visual signs or symptoms of Morton's neuroma. Unlike other conditions, you won't be able to see a lump or bony feature on the foot since there is no tumor. Typically, the symptoms start slowly and gradually get worse if there is no action for treatment. Morton's neuroma symptoms could look like anything such as:

  • Nerve pain on top of foot
  • Sharp, stinging, or burning pain in between toes
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Sensation of small pebble on ball of foot
  • Increased pain with shoes or standing


Precise Diagnosis for Morton's Neuroma


We will give you a proper diagnosis and plan when you visit our office for an appointment. Our foot and ankle specialist’s will evaluate your condition and rule out any other possible conditions causing your pain. Most of the time, an exam, xray, and a description of symptoms are enough for the physician to diagnose Morton's neuroma without additional imaging. An ultrasound, MRI, or electromyography procedure may be beneficial depending on the extent of the condition. Electromyography tests the electrical activity of your nerves and muscles.


Successful Morton's Neuroma Treatment


Treatment for Morton's neuroma varies depending on how severe the condition appears. There are many conservative options your doctor may start with to avoid an extensive process. If those approaches don't work, other treatments can guarantee total healing. After the diagnosis, the doctor will recommend Morton's neuroma treatment like the following:

  • Arch Supports and Foot Pads – These can be purchased over the counter and fit inside your shoes for support.
  • Shoes With Plenty of Room – Wearing shoes that aren't narrow or tight will provide your feet with more freedom. Pressure will be eliminated, which will help in ridding inflammation.
  • Rest – Staying off the affected foot will provide less impact or trauma. Elevation will also increase blood flow. You can ice the ball of your foot to reduce pain.
  • Injections – Steroids, local anesthetics, or an alcohol solution can be injected into the nerves of the foot to aid in healing.
  • Surgery – When needed, Morton’s neuroma surgery is an option. A neurectomy is when the doctor removes part of the nerve tissue.


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We prioritize our patients’ quality of life at Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle. Our healthcare team works hard to create a positive environment that ensures a successful visit every time. The doctors at our office have been educated and trained with extensive knowledge and understanding of foot and ankle injuries. No condition is too challenging for us to diagnose or treat. Most insurance plans are accepted, as your health and wellness matter to us. Call us at one of our Millsboro or Seaford offices today, and let us help you with your needs. You may also view our New Patients section for more info!


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