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Your feet bear the brunt of your daily activities, supporting your body weight, helping you move around, and often being enclosed in shoes for long hours. Due to these conditions, they become susceptible to various infections. Located in both Millsboro, DE, and Seaford, DE, at Southern Delaware Foot and Ankle, we encounter numerous foot problems daily, with foot infections being quite common. It's crucial to understand these infections, such as the polymicrobial and strep infections, to address them promptly and efficiently.


Why Do People Get Foot Infections?

It's super important to take care of our feet and be aware of these risks. Here are several reasons someone might get an infection in their foot:


 ● Environment: If you walk barefoot in wet places like swimming pools or gym showers, you might step on harmful germs.

 ● Injuries: Even a tiny cut or scratch on your foot can let in bad bacteria.

 ● Health Issues: Some people, especially those with diabetes, need to be extra careful. For them, even a small wound can turn into a big problem.


The Connection Between Diabetes & Foot Health


For people living with diabetes, everyday activities can come with added layers of precaution, especially when it comes to foot health. Why is this? Diabetes can reduce blood flow to the feet, making it harder for wounds to heal. Additionally, nerve damage (called neuropathy) can make it tough to feel pain, heat, or cold, leading to unnoticed injuries. This combination means that people with diabetes can face significant foot problems without even realizing it.

Common Foot Infections Among Diabetics

 ● Cellulitis: Recognizable by the red, swollen, and warm feeling on the foot. This indicates inflammation and is a clear sign that something isn't right.

 ● Abscess: Imagine a small balloon filled with pus under the skin. That's an abscess. It's painful and can grow in size if not treated. Sometimes, doctors might need to drain it to speed up the healing process.

 ● Necrotizing Fasciitis: This scary-sounding term is as serious as it sounds. It's a deep-set infection that can spread quickly, affecting multiple layers of tissue. It's rare but needs immediate medical attention.

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

If a person with diabetes feels an itch between their toes or sees skin peeling off, it's a signal that there might be an underlying issue. These signs might seem minor but can escalate if not addressed. It's always better to be safe and get it checked. Remember, in the world of diabetes and foot health, swift action can be the difference between a simple treatment and severe complications.

Diving Deep into Polymicrobial Foot Infection

You might wonder, "What is a polymicrobial infection?" Simply put, a polymicrobial infection occurs when more than one type of microorganism infects a site. In the context of feet, it could mean a combination of bacteria, fungi, or viruses causing the infection. Recognizing fungal infection symptoms is vital as these infections often play a role in polymicrobial issues. These infections can be complex because of the interaction between different microorganisms, making them a challenge to treat. They can lead to symptoms like:


 ● Swelling: Increased volume in the affected foot area.

 ● Redness and Warmth: Indicating inflammation.

 ● Itchy Sensations: A hallmark sign of fungal involvement.

 ● Peeling Skin Between Toes: Often indicating fungal presence.


How Do We Analyze Foot Infections? Our Methods

At Southern Delaware Foot and Ankle, we pride ourselves on using top-notch methods to figure out foot infections. So, how do we do it? First, we start with a thorough Physical Examination. We'll take a good look at your foot to spot any signs that hint at an infection. We’ll chat with you to get a clear picture of when and how the problem began. Next, there's the Sample Collection. This means we take a tiny piece from the sore spot or maybe a little fluid. This sample helps us dive deeper into the problem back in our lab. With Microscopic Analysis, we can literally zoom in and see the exact tiny bugs causing the fuss. And lastly, through Sensitivity Testing, we find out the best medicine to kick those bugs out. All in all, we’re here to ensure your feet are on the path to feeling great again!


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If you're experiencing discomfort or if you've noticed symptoms like itchy between toes or peeling skin between toes, don't wait. It's essential to consult with experts who understand foot infections inside out. At Southern Delaware Foot and Ankle, with locations in both Millsboro and Seaford, DE, we’re equipped with the expertise and tools to help you step forward with confidence. Let us guide you on the path to infection-free, comfortable feet. Schedule your visit today!

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