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Understanding Geriatric Medicine in Seaford, DE

Age comes with wisdom, cherished memories, and – sometimes – a few foot issues. As we age, taking care of our feet becomes even more essential, and this is where the domain of geriatric medicine comes into play. If you've ever asked, "what is geriatric medicine?", you're not alone. At its core, geriatric medicine focuses on health care for the elderly, with specialized geriatric foot care addressing unique needs that arise as we grow older. One of these specialized areas is geriatric foot care. Located in both Millsboro, DE and Seaford, DE, Southern Delaware Foot and Ankle is a trusted name when it comes to understanding the geriatric care definition specific to foot health. Let's delve into the essential aspects of geriatric foot care.

Foot Issues in Older Adults

Did you know that many older people have foot problems? In fact, about 3 out of every 4 seniors face issues with their feet. These problems can come from using their feet a lot over the years, not taking care of them, or having other health problems. Some of these foot troubles are things like bunions, which are bumpy joints, or hammertoes, which are toes that are contracted and often painful.

Some can even have more serious issues, especially if they have diabetes. But a big reason these problems get worse is because many older folks don't take good care of their feet. It's really important for them to pay attention to foot care!

How to Spot Foot Problems in Older Adults

When older adults have problems with their feet, there are some clear signs we can watch out for. Here are a few things that might show something's not right:


 ● Pain or Discomfort: Constant pain or an uneasy feeling in the foot or ankle.

 ● Skin Changes: Look out for different colors or spots on the skin.

 ● Swelling: If a foot keeps swelling, it could mean a bigger problem.

 ● Numbness or Tingling: This can be especially true for people with diabetes. It might mean nerve damage.

 ● Trouble Walking: If someone starts walking differently all of a sudden, it's a sign to pay attention.


Understanding What Causes Foot Problems as We Age

As people get older, there are certain things that can make foot problems more likely. It's not just about getting older, though that's part of it. Below are some reasons why seniors might start having foot trouble:

 ● Getting Older: As we age, the natural cushions in our feet get thinner, which can lead to pain.

 ● Diabetes: This health condition is a big one because it can lead to lots of foot problems if it's not taken care of the right way.

 ● Wearing the Wrong Shoes: Shoes that don't fit well can cause a lot of issues, like painful bunions or corns.

 ● Being Overweight: Extra weight can make feet hurt because they're under more pressure.

 ● Old Injuries: If someone hurt their foot or ankle in the past and it didn't heal properly it can cause problems again.


It's really important to understand these causes because knowing them can help people prevent pain and discomfort. Taking care of your feet as you get older involves watching out for these risk factors and making good choices, like wearing the right shoes and managing health conditions properly. That way, seniors can stay active and keep their feet healthy!


Diagnosis & Treatment

At Southern Delaware Foot and Ankle, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach. Our team of experienced geriatric providers uses the latest technology and knowledge to diagnose and address your foot issues. Diagnosis may involve physical exams, X-rays, and other imaging methods. Treatment varies based on the condition. It might include:


 ● Custom orthotics to provide better foot support.

 ● Medications for pain relief or to address specific conditions like fungal infections.

 ● Physical therapy to strengthen foot and leg muscles.

 ● Surgery, in some cases, to correct deformities or address severe issues.


Step Up Your Foot Care Game with Southern Delaware Foot and Ankle

If you or your loved one is facing any foot or ankle issues, don't wait. Proactive care can prevent minor problems from becoming major complications. With locations in both Millsboro and Seaford, DE, Southern Delaware Foot and Ankle is always within reach. Don't let foot problems hold you back. Step forward with confidence and let us guide the way! Let our team of expert geriatric physicians help ensure that your golden years are spent walking comfortably and healthily. Book your appointment now!

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