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Ankle fractures, strains, and sprains are painful issues that often interfere with daily life. Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle provides ankle surgery to Seaford & Millsboro patients when conservative treatments, therapy, and medication aren’t enough to repair their ankle issues. Our experienced surgeons work tirelessly to find the best solution to meet your needs and help you return to an active lifestyle. We’ve helped thousands of patients get pain relief and restore mobility with our innovative ankle treatments. Contact us today for more information.

When Do I Need Ankle Surgery?

Ankle surgery is often the best solution when ankles are severely deformed, broken, or unstable. The most common ankle surgeries we perform include:

  • Broken ankle surgery
  • Total Ankle Replacement
  • Ankle Fusion
  • Chronic ankle instability from multiple strains or sprains 
  • Ankle deformity surgery
  • Acute tendon repair for ruptures
  • Chronic ankle tendonitis surgery

What Are the Types of Ankle Surgery?

Ankle surgeries range from minor injuries that require minimally invasive arthroscopy surgery to complete ankle replacement surgeries. The most common types of ankle surgery include: 


  • Ankle Arthroscopy – An ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery done with small incisions to surgically restore ankle injuries and issues. 
  • Tendon Surgery – We perform tendon surgery to treat acute tendon injuries like ruptures or  surgery for chronic tendonitis of the ankle.
  • Ankle Fracture Surgery – We stabilize ankle breaks and help the bone heal during ankle fracture surgery. Ankle surgery with plates and screws is performed to hold severely broken, displaced bones in place during healing.
  • Ankle Fusion – Ankle fusions often treat arthritis by removing damaged tissue and fusing ankle bones with screws and metal plates.
  • Ankle Replacement – During an ankle replacement, we remove your ankle joint and replace it by attaching the new joint to the existing bone.  This surgery preserves or even restores ankle motion.
  • Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction – We often treat foot deformities and chronic ankle instability with the Brostrom procedure. The reconstruction involves tightening loose ligaments in your ankle.
  • Stress Fracture – Stress fracture ankle treatment involves internal fixation using pins, screws, and metal plates.
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Benefits of Ankle Surgery

Ankle surgery is sometimes the best approach to help the ankle return to normal. Ankle surgery helps many patients return to an active lifestyle after recovery. It boosts pain relief and eases conditions like arthritis. 

Risks of Ankle Surgery

All surgeries have a small risk of complications. Ankle surgery may include the risks of: 

  • Pain
  • Bleeding or blood clots
  • Numbness or nerve related complications
  • Infection
  • Joint stiffness

Expectations After Ankle Surgery

We will likely immobilize your ankle and foot for several weeks following your ankle surgery procedure. Your recovery time will depend on the extent of your injury and the actual procedures performed.   We will place your foot in a cast or medical boot for optimal healing. Most patients return to normal activities within six to eight weeks.

Why Choose Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle? 

Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle has treated patients with the highest quality, innovative treatments since 2000. We have several locations in Sussex County, Delaware to help you find the best customized foot and ankle treatments for your needs. Our board-certified doctors treat patients of all ages. We understand ankle injuries often get in the way of your everyday lifestyle. We want to help eliminate your pain and get back on your feet. 

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It’s critical to call us as soon as you suspect a foot or ankle injury. The long-term effects of a severe sprain or broken ankle can be detrimental to your mobility. If you need ankle surgery, we’ll find the best approach for your needs. Our team is devoted to treating foot and ankle problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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