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A fractured foot is typically painful and limits movement. Two myths that we commonly hear are: my foot/ankle “can't be broken if I can still move it” or “it doesn't hurt that bad, it can't be broken”.  Some fractures are more painful than others but ALL fractures require prompt evaluation by our expert physicians/surgeons.  The Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle team specializes in foot fracture surgery for our Millsboro and Seaford, DE patients. We’re committed to finding the most comprehensive medical and surgical treatment for fractures in your feet. Our quality care and superior services help alleviate your pain and get you back on your feet. We treat ALL foot and ankle fractures including: non-displaced, displaced, comminuted, and open foot/ankle fractures. Our team will determine if you need foot surgery and create a customized surgical approach to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Diagnosing a Fractured Ankle or Foot

A fractured foot or ankle that is significantly displaced or unstable typically benefits from surgery. If the fracture enters a joint, it’s best to align and stabilize the fracture in its correct position. We will take X-rays to determine the extent of your broken bones. Our X-rays will identify most foot fractures, but we may need a CT or MRI scan for additional information.  Ankle or foot fracture surgery aims to restore the fractured bone to an anatomic or reduced, stabilized position to boost healing and reduce the risk for future foot issues.

Foot Fracture Surgery Locations

We specialize in performing specific surgical techniques for various parts of the feet. We’ll locate the foot fracture and determine the best approach to surgically repair it. We perform surgery on all parts of the feet, including: 

  • Heel Bone
  • Midfoot including Lisfranc fractures  
  • Broken Toe
  • Metatarsal

Foot Fracture Surgery Procedure

We perform minimally invasive surgery as much as possible, using smaller incisions for less trauma to the tissues and blood supply to the bone. We will realign the bone fragments and secure them with wires, screws, pins, and plates. After stabilizing the fracture, we will close the incision and apply a sterile bandage. 

How Long Does a Broken Foot Take to Heal?

A broken toe or foot takes approximately 8 weeks to heal but this can vary depending on age and other medical conditions. Healing depends on the extent of your surgery. After foot fracture surgery, we may place your foot in a splint, boot, or cast. It’s best to elevate your foot to help reduce pain and swelling. We will work with you to perform range-of-motion exercises and may refer you to a physical therapist. It may take up to six months to fully return to activities without any restrictions.

Foot Surgery Risks 

Any type of foot surgery involves risks. The most common risks are pain, bleeding, swelling, and blood clots.  Depending on your personal risk factors, we may place you on blood-thinning medication to minimize the risk for blood clots. Potential risks of foot fracture surgery include slow or delayed healing of the bone, malposition of the fracture, implant failure, pain, loss of motion, arthritis, failure to heal, and wound breakdown.

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The physicians at Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle stand by you through every step of your ankle and foot problems. We are trained to provide extensive surgical options to treat the most challenging foot and ankle injuries. If you have a broken foot and need surgery, our team is committed to finding the least invasive and best way to restore your movement. We treat patients of all ages. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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