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Most people expect to be able to walk, work, or play without foot or ankle issues slowing them down.  But foot and ankle injuries can make your normal activities unbearable. Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle can help! For more than two decades, we have been treating foot and ankle ailments at our offices in Seaford and Millsboro, DE. We offer comprehensive medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle in a safe, comfortable environment. Additionally, we are committed to providing valuable education to positively influence the lives and active lifestyle of our patients. We treat the most challenging foot and ankle problems, call today to learn how we can serve you. 


Our Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Services


Regardless of the severity of your foot or ankle problem, Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle can address them and help you get back to your normal activities and healthy lifestyle. We provide comprehensive foot and ankle services and treatments for a wide range of conditions:

We are the experts in using specialized instruments to perform minimally-invasive surgery. Our techniques ensure less post-operative pain and shorter recovery periods.

Foot and ankle trauma include fractures, sprains, tears, and dislocations. We can treat them ALL  in our offices or surgical facilities.

Adults and children both experience this deformity, which we can treat through activity modification, medications, physical therapy, orthotics, or as a last resort, surgically.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the band of tissue that spans from the heel to the toes. It is known as heel spur syndrome if a spur is present. We will help determine if surgical or non-surgical treatment is best for you.

Athletes are vulnerable to a litany of foot and ankle injuries. Our doctors have experience treating foot problems sustained during games and practices or as the result of athletic footwear.

Individuals with diabetes are often vulnerable to foot problems due to neuropathy and poor circulation. We provide testing, treatments, and recommend activities to keep your feet healthy.

If your child has foot problems such as fallen arches or heel pain, bring him or her to one of our offices in Seaford or Millsboro, DE for expert treatment.

Bunions appear as a bump on the joint at the base of one’s big toe. Without treatment, they get progressively worse, but we can reduce your pain and improve your appearance.

Our doctors can identify plantar warts, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. Early detection and treatment enhance the chances of a safe, full recovery from these conditions.

If you injure the ligaments in your ankle, it may be difficult or painful to walk. We offer solutions that provide relief and help prevent chronic ankle instability.

We treat degenerative arthritis through shoe modifications, orthotics, physical therapy, injections, bracing, and various surgical procedures.

We provide numerous treatment options for both ingrown toenails and nail fungus.

Hammertoes are painful and can progressively worsen over time, so let our team of experts provide a solution that works for you.

From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle is equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. To help you understand your options, we've included some of our other leading services.

  • Achilles Tendon

  • Advanced Forefoot Reconstructive Surgery

  • Advanced Tissue Engineering For Wound Repair

  • Ankle Arthroscopy

  • Ankle Instability

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Athletes Foot

  • Poor Circulation

  • Corns

  • Crush Injuries

  • Diabetic Foot, Diabetic Wound Care, Diabetic Shoes

  • Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

  • Fungus Toenails

  • Geriatric Foot Care

  • Calluses

  • Wounds

  • Hindfoot/Rearfoot

  • Reconstructive Surgery

  • Infections

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Injuries

  • Metatarsalgia

  • Neuromas

  • Plantar Fasciitis

We Have Exceptional Doctors and Staff


The doctors and staff at Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle have extensive experience treating all varieties of foot and ankle problems. Led by Drs. Bradley Lemon, Allen Mirzaei, and Christopher Heisey, our team will help you regain stability on your feet. We have been treating patients in Southern Delaware since 2000. In addition to being able to identify your problem and its cause quickly, we specialize in an array of treatment techniques to relieve your discomfort and improve your health.


Why You Should Choose Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle


Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle is home to the region’s leading podiatry specialists. We are a full-service medical and surgical practice with state-of-the-art equipment and a staff that remains on the cutting edge of technology. We treat all broken bones within the foot and ankle as well as sports and athletic injuries. Our goal is to provide treatments that help patients avoid surgery, but we are well-trained at performing surgical techniques when necessary. We treat both children and adults.  For urgent issues like fractures or infection, we can provide same-day appointments.


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If any foot or ankle issues are slowing you down, Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle can help! We provide comprehensive foot and ankle treatments for patients in Sussex County, DE and for all patients on the Delmarva Peninsula with our offices in Seaford and Millsboro, DE. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.