Reconstructive Foot And Ankle Surgery

We Provide Reconstructive Foot Surgery in Millsboro and Seaford, DE

At Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle, we always look for the least invasive, most effective treatment option available for disorders of the foot and ankle. We only recommend foot and ankle surgery if it is absolutely necessary and there are no other less invasive treatment options. Our goal when recommending foot and ankle surgery is to restore the function of the bones of the foot and ankle after they have been broken, damaged, or compromised in some way. We may also use reconstructive foot or ankle surgery to treat or reverse symptoms of congenital abnormalities affecting the foot or ankle. Call us today to schedule a consultation for reconstructive foot and ankle surgery in Millsboro or Seaford, DE.

Conditions Treated With Foot & Ankle Surgery

Our team of experienced doctors and medical staff may recommend reconstructive foot and ankle surgery if you have been diagnosed with any of the following conditions and the symptoms are preventing you from living a happy, healthy, pain-free life:

 ● Arthritis

 ● Bone breaks or fractures

 ● Bunions

 ● Club foot   

 ● Degenerative bone conditions

 ● Heel spur

 ● Hammer toe

 ● Nail issues

 ● Osteoarthritis

 ● Plantar fasciitis

 ● Rheumatoid arthritis

 ● Skin or soft tissue injuries

 ● Tendon problems

 ● Tibialis posterior disorder

Foot & Ankle Surgeries We Perform

 ● Arthroscopy – Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure completed using small incisions that restore injuries and tissues, typically on an outpatient basis.

 ● Bone Fusion – Bone fusion surgeries are used to repair damage caused by arthritis, degradation, wear and tear, and other conditions that cause the bones to grind together. Bone fusion will fuse the bone into place, relieve pain, improve mobility and range of motion, and restore function.

 ● Bone Grafting – During this type of foot surgery, we use transplanted bone to rebuild and repair damaged or diseased bones.

 ● Bunion Surgery – If you have severe pain when walking or chronic inflammation due to bunions, we may recommend bunion surgery. We will first try to treat the issue with rest, medication, and lifestyle modification. If your bunions continue to cause pain and affect your ability to participate in normal daily activities, we may schedule a consultation for bunion surgery.

 ● Club Foot Surgery – Club feet are a severe deformity can require major reconstructive foot surgery. Club foot surgery involves both soft tissue and osseous procedures to correct the deformity.  

 ● Hammer Toe Surgery – If your toe deformity is severe enough that it can’t be treated using non-surgical methods, or if the toe is fixed and immobile, we may recommend hammer toe surgery. We may remove a portion of one of the bones in the toe in order to properly align the toe. We may also fuse the joints in the toe to prevent shifting and reduce pain, inflammation, and deformity.

 ● Heel Spur Surgery – Heel spur surgery can relieve pain and restore function, range of motion, and mobility. We may perform plantar fascia release with or without heel spur excision.

 ● Joint Replacement – If wear and tear, congenital abnormalities, disease, or an injury has affected the bone or cartilage in your foot or ankle, we may recommend joint replacement surgery. We will replace the affected joints with metal components that restore function and improve mobility.

 ● Nail Surgery – If you have deformed, infected, or damaged toenails, we may recommend partial or total removal of the nail. A partial removal is called an avulsion, and a total removal is called a matricectomy.

 ● Osteotomy – Osteotomy refers to a foot or ankle surgery that uses bone screws, staples, wires, pins, or other devices to stabilize and fix the bone or joint during reconstructive surgery. You may need an osteotomy if you have a severe fracture or break to one or more of the bones in the foot or ankle.

Tendon & Ligament Procedures

 ● Lateral Ligament Reconstruction – Lateral ligament reconstruction is used to treat foot and ankle deformities and instabilities that cause pain, balance and posture issues, immobility, and loss of flexibility and range of motion. We use the Brostrom procedure to reconstruct the loose ligaments, relieving pain and restoring range of motion and flexibility.


 ● Tendon Repair Surgery – We may recommend tendon repair surgery to treat a torn or damaged tendon that did not respond to rest, ice, medication, and activity modification. Tendon repair can relieve pain, stiffness, and inflammation and improve range of motion, mobility, and balance. Severe tendon injuries or conditions can cause significant pain and make it hard to move around or live a normal life. We can restore movement and relieve pain through tendon repair surgery.

Joint and Cartilage Repair 

If you have a joint or cartilage injury we may recommend arthroscopic surgery to repair the area. This is a minimally invasive surgery that is completed as an outpatient procedure. We use small incisions to surgically restore injuries and damage to the foot and ankle's joints.


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Call or contact us online to schedule a consultation for foot or ankle surgery in Millsboro or Seaford, DE. Our team of doctors and medical staff have decades of experience evaluating and diagnosing conditions affecting the foot and ankle. We can perform tests and assess your symptoms in order to determine your prognosis and make a recommendation for surgical or minimally-invasive surgical procedures. We will explain in detail what is reconstructive surgery and what it can do for you. We specialize in treating foot and ankle trauma, stress fractures, sports injuries, broken bones, tendons, ligament issues, and other mild to severe issues affecting the foot and ankle.


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