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Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle Treats Conditions with Minimally Invasive Techniques


Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle offers minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery for the Millsboro and Seaford, DE communities. Our physicians specialize in minimally invasive foot surgery. We offer this for patients of all ages who experience bunion problems or other medical issues involving the foot or ankle. Our practice was one of the FIRST in the state to offer innovative, minimally invasive surgery to treat bunions. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment if you need care in this area.

How Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Performed?


Minimally invasive surgery is performed through small incisions less than half an inch long. These are significantly smaller than the typical open procedures with much larger incisions. This procedure allows for shortened recovery time, improved motion, less scarring. The minimally invasive surgery option is not for every procedure, but you should ask your surgeon if minimally invasive options exist for your condition.

What Are the Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery?


There are several advantages to minimally invasive surgery. For the surgeon, it is a safer approach for several reasons. Improved visibility makes it easier to maneuver the operation due to lighting and cameras. This approach makes the experience much safer for the medical staff and patients. Other advantages and minor risks of minimally invasive surgery include the following:

  • Less postoperative pain
  • improved range of motion
  • Reduced scarring due to much smaller incision
  • decreased risk of infection
  • Quicker recovery time

When Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Not an Option?


Every patient and medical problem is unique. Open surgery may be a better option in certain conditions.  If possible, our surgeons will offer minimally invasive options to improve your outcomes.  Our team strives for efficiency in the surgery process and provides the best care possible for your specific condition.


Does Insurance Cover Minimally Invasive Foot/Ankle Surgery?


Insurance coverage depends on the patient's personal benefits package. For the most part, insurance does cover minimally invasive procedures the same that they would for open procedures.  


What Can You Expect Post-Surgery?


Your experience after the procedure is just as important as the care you receive during the operation. We want to get you back on your feet with a quick and healthy recovery. For minimally invasive surgeries that treat problems like bunions, you can expect post-surgery to look like this:

  • Immediately After the Procedure – We will provide a surgical shoe that allows you to bear total weight immediately.
  • Around 4 weeks – The surgical shoe can be replaced with your footwear. You may resume some normal activities.
  • Three Months – Running and wearing shoes such as high heels can be implemented into the recovery process. Other shoe types are allowed, and all daily activities can be performed.

Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle Provides Exceptional Care


At Southern Delaware Foot & Ankle, we provide our patients with efficient and thorough treatment. Every individual should have a comfortable quality of life, which is why our team is trained to help you heal back to normal reasonably. Our mission is to offer big-city expertise with the compassionate care you deserve. We treat children and adults while providing same-day urgent care to those who need it. Your health is our priority. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a visit to one of our  offices in the Millsboro and Seaford areas.


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